plant kin, ritual, and community education for queer + trans healing



my name is rowan.

through of hawthorn and yew, i facilitate containers for learning, healing and transformation.

of hawthorn and yew is a sacred cauldron of ritual, education, plant medicine, relationship-building, embodiment and invitation into deeper aliveness.

feel free to take a look around at the various offerings posted here. the tabs on the top of the page will help you navigate around the site.

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My practice is slow, intentional and intimate. I’m not on social media so much; I do occasionally share things through my instagram, @hawthornandyew. However, the best way to stay in touch and hear whats new is to sign up for my newsletter HOME/BODY.

You’ll hear from me on a weekly-ish basis, and these notes will contain info on upcoming workshops and programs, new zines, things my friends are working on, and more alongside long form writing about things i’m learning about, feeling about, questioning and embodying. tune in for musings on herbs, relationship with the world, embodying our values, dreaming and moving towards a more just world, and the practices that will can help get us there.


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Aug 1, 2024, 6pm ET / 3pm PT, Online

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