– spiraling through the seasons with ancestral plantlore

& Celtic diasporic community –


Let the plants guide you and community hold you as we follow the spiral of the year.

Together we will undertake a year long exploration into ancestral plantlore, relational herbalism and seasonal attunement.  We will explore the herblore of Celtic cultures from the lands today known as Eiré (Ireland), Alba (Scotland) and Cymru (Wales). Through seasonal webinars, coworking sessions, and live Zoom calls, we will gather to deepen with the plants, the seasons, and with each other. This is a circle for learning, for listening, for doing, and for attuning.

 you are invited to connect with ancestral plantkin through lore, relationship and ritual as the seasons flow and change.



Join us for this community program where we come together over the course of many months to learn and share together.

Guided by the solstices and holy days that Celtic lineages celebrated through time (Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lúnasa, Autumn Equinox – they go by many names!), we will lean into some of the seasonal lore of our lineages.

We will spend time with specific plantkin and themes signficant to Celtic cultures from the lands today known as Eiré (Ireland), Alba (Scotland) and Cymru (Wales). Together we will open into lore and historical practice; ritual & sacred practice for connection to season, place and kin; and more.

Through recorded webinars, co-working sessions and monthly live Zoom calls to share our experiences, we will deepen together into our ancestral lineages and build living breathing community networks.


Are you ready to devote yourself to plantkin and lineage connection?



what wisdom might ancestral plantkin have to share with us?



Attune Community Structure


  • TIMELINE: The circle runs from Dec 2023 – Nov 2024. We begin with the Winter Solstice season.
  • BASIC OUTLINE: This program includes webinars of seasonal plantlore, coworking calls for us to work on projects and research, and community calls for sharing our experiences.
  • COWORKING: You will be invited to participate in coworking sessions where we support each other in doing some of the work (creative, research based, whatever your passion is) that relates to the seasonal course material.
  • PRACTICE INVITATIONS: Each month, you will be invited to engage in reflective and practical prompts to deepen into the season. You are welcome to do this at your own pace, and you can direct the pace of your learning.
  • COMMUNITY CALLS: We will also have monthly Zoom calls for community connection. We will connect over the material and our experiences over the past weeks, sharing the work we have been doing and what we have learned.  These calls will have live transcription enabled and be recorded for folks who can’t make them live. These will take place on Sundays 6-7:30pm ET.



Who is this community program for?


  • This is for those of Irish, Scottish or Welsh descent seeking connection with their lineages, or folks of similar Celtic descent
  • This is for those who practice (or want to practice!) an earth-based spirituality, those who find the Sacred in the land and more-than-human kind around them
  • This is for those seeking to live in deeper attunement with the seasonal magic of their lineages, as well as the lands where they currently live
  • This is for those desire to learn and practice in digital community with others
  • This program is intended for folks who live or were born on North America/Turtle Island


This is for folks who are ready to weave another thread of ancestral connection

into the tapestry of their life.



Registration opens Oct 2023


Space is limited for intimacy and connection.

the shape and flow of our container

Program Cost

This program is available on a monthly payment schedule for 6 month or 12 month durations. Folks are also welcome to pay all at once if that is preferable.

This program is offered at tiered pricing for accessibility and to accommodate a variety of financial class backgrounds. Please self-select your tier according to your access to wealth and power.

Three tiers are available:

  1. 150 / month
  2. 125 / month
  3. 100 / month

To access the median or lower tier prices, use the coupon codes ATT125 for 125/month or ATT100 for 100/month rates at checkout.

Note: When you sign up for a payment plan, you are agreeing to pay the complete amount. Thank you.

No refunds are available after signup.



There are a few Solidarity spots available for low income trans folks who are disabled and/or chronically ill who need it.  These Solidarity spots are $50 per month.  There are three Solidarity spots available. There are also two full Scholarship spots for folks to access the program at no cost. To request one of these places, email me at Please reserve these places for the folks who truly need them.


Root into your lineages, connect to the Sacred and reweave this thread into your life.



Registration opens Oct 2024!


Space is limited for intimacy and connection.

How long will I have access to the course?

Participants will have access to the content for one year after the course completes.

What is the time commitment for this course?

This is a year long program broken up into 8 sections based around the holy days & holy seasons. You will receive a recorded webinar on seasonal plantlore that is approximately 1.5 hours in length. Our coworking calls are 90 minutes, as are our live Community Calls.  You are also invited to spend time in between our sessions deepening into plant and seasonal relationship – you might spend anywhere for 15 minutes per month to an hour per week. It’s up to you how deep you want to go!

This is an invitation to devote 2-6 hours per season over the course of the next year tending your ancestral connections with care and intention.

What do I need to participate?

Participants need regular internet access for webinars and live Zoom calls. Folks need access to their email as well. Otherwise, all that is needed is whatever helps you learn and process – whether thats journaling supplies, room the dance, a quiet place to think or take calls in, a comfortable place to sit – etc. Gather what you need to really open to the experience and catch any insight that flows down through you.

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