Sacred Smoke Traditions
of the Celtic Isles


who do our ancestors have deep cultural relationships with?


Join us for a workshop exploring sacred smoke practices and sacred plant relationships of the Celtic Isles.

Cultures all over the world have burned plants for sacred rites, seasonal transitions, and healing. The plants used in these fumitory processes differ across bioregions and cultures. Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island/North America have their own practices, as do cultural lineages of folks who immigrated to the continent.

In this workshop, we will explore some of herbs that folks of the Celtic Isles have burned for these uses. The seasonal shift toward spring was one time that Scottish, Welsh and Irish folks burned herbs with great intention. We will delve into smoke medicine of our ancestral lore and wisdom share about how we might incorporate these lineage practices into our modern ones with care, thoughtfulness and reverence.

This class is meant to support folks in North America/diasporic communities in reconnecting to their cultural backgrounds.

All herbalism experience levels and ancestral backgrounds welcome.


Access: Live closed captions provided and the replay will be available for 14 days.



The info share will take place on Thursday April 18, 2024 from 6:30-8:30pm ET / 3:30-5:30pm PT.

This is an online Zoom gathering

There will be live closed captioning available.

The recorded replay will be sent out to all who register.

This will be a gentle and lovingly held container. Group conversation will be encouraged, and participants will be invited to contribute to the group container. Folks are welcome to be on or off screen, participate or not as they feel called, and are free to utilize the unmute or chat functions to contribute.  Come as you are.


Join us in community to explore the legacies of sacred plant relationships and holy smoke practices.




This offering is available via multiple sliding scale tiers of pricing.

The base rate for this offering is $55.

Feel free to use the sliding scale below select that which is most appropriate to your financial circumstances, your access to resources and generational wealth, and your societal positionality.

Sliding scale access for this offering is $33-66 USD –  $33, 44, 55, 66


Note: Email me ( to inquire about scholarships if price remains a barrier.

Join us for a exploration into seasonal practice & plant kin relationship.

Together we will open to ancestral practice and relationships of reverence.




Registration is NOW OPEN.

Space is limited for intimacy and connection.

Who is facilitating this offering?

For folks new to me & my work –

my name is rowan (they/them) and I’m a qt herbalist, writer, researcher, big nerd and devotee to plant kin. I deeply believe in justice, radical community care, and embodying our values even under pressure.

The threads of my work include politicized ancestral reconnection for settlers on Turtle Island/N America, queer healing, ritual and devotion with the holy, navigating chronic illness, long-c & DJ, cultural traditions and ethnobotany, and more. I’m a white-bodied 3rd gen US person who comes from Irish, Lithuanian, Scottish & Sicilian lineages.  I base my work off of my lived personal experiences, relationships with the holy wild, and deep research. I love researching and learning, and then sharing what I’ve learned with community.

thanks for being in community with me, for your support of my ongoing work, and for being a part of this broader weaving.



we will greet the Spring

and reconnect

with ancestral lifeways


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