Ancestral Reconnection course

Ancestral Reconnection for Witches and Radicals of Celtic Descent

– an invitation to connect with ancestral plant kin through lore, relationship and ritual –

November 2021 – January 2022

This sacred container will engage in conversations on ethical relationship building with plant kin culturally relevant to descendants of Celtic cultures from the lands today known as Éire (Ireland), Alba (Scotland) and Cymru (Wales). We will open into lore and historical practice; ritual for connection to season, place and kin; dialogue on settler identity and responsibility on North America / Turtle Island; and community connection with others of shared lineage and politics for resourcing and accountability. Participants will be invited to consider what ancestrally rooted unsettling processes could look like, and, together with plant kin, envision personal and collective steps inward and forward.

Registration will open October 2021. Details will be available here when the portal opens!