trans // magic zine


Calling for submissions to create a compilation of the ways that trans, nonbinary and gender diverse persxns use magic and ritual to survive, heal, support each other and dismantle oppressive institutions of toxic dominant culture. This is a zine BY trans // nonbinary // gender diverse folks FOR trans // nonbinary // gender diverse folks. this zine is a fundraiser! Deadline for submissions is July 2, 2021.

Why: I want hold space for this project to come into being, because this is the compilation I’ve been wishing I could turn to over the last few years: a work full of reflection, healing, ritual and magic from other folks navigating gender adventures. I’ve been seeking a book of spells that would actually be uplifting, instead of hurtful, exclusionary, oppressive, or irrelevant. This is a chance to make one for ourselves. Would you like to be a part of it?

What: Recipes, rituals, spells, big and small pieces of magic. Entire complete rituals, pieces of rituals, chants, prayers, breathing techniques, movement practices, plant and herbal friends to work with, daily affirmations, seasonal celebrations, etc. are all welcome. Things you created from scratch, cis-hetero based works that you adapted for your badass self, things that came out of a dream you had, pieces from your favorite sci-fi fantasy novel, etc.!

Themes: Pieces that focus on healing from trauma; supporting each other through strife; pushing back against the white supremacist cis-hetero-patriarchy; learning to speak up and out; coming out; navigating transitions of all types; learning how to survive; carving out space in the world; dealing with grief and loss; unlearning internalized transphobia, transmisogyny, racism & white supremacy; parenting; reconnecting to the natural world; surviving capitalism; navigating mental health adventures – any and all of the ways you navigate a world that tells you that you are unwelcome, that you need to change, that your magic is not something to be cherished. Your magic is something to be cherished, with strength and tenderness, and this is a place to share a piece of what uplifts you, what keeps you alive, what keeps you going.

A note on cultural appropriation: In the so-called US, we live in an institutionalized white supremacist state that was founded on the genocide of Native peoples of this land and on the slavery & dehumanization of kidnapped African peoples and their descendants. Oppression of IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, & People of Color) is still a current lived reality. White supremacist settler colonialists on this land have made a pattern of stealing that which is not theirs, in their unceasing genocidal violence. Gender magic cannot be separated from this context. This is a project intentionally trying to collect pieces of work that will uplift the wider trans // nonbinary // gender diverse community. This is NOT a space to share wisdom or magic that comes from theft and erasure of IBPOC traditions, when IBPOC people have been historically prevented from practicing their own traditions themselves. Therefore, please only submit work that draws from traditions that are ancestrally your own. There is magic in all of our ancestral histories and lineages – healing traditions that we need, traditions that will help dismantle white supremacy.  I invite you to look deep within to find them.

*Please honor the boundaries of this project. There is plenty of space to discuss what is and what is not cultural appropriation within white healing practices; however, this is not the space for that conversation. In acknowledge of the very real racist climate that we live in, this zine will err toward not including things that seem appropriative. An example might include white folks using the word ‘smudge’: while there are ongoing conversations about cultural appropriation vs. ancestral European use of the word smudge, such words will not be welcome from white contributors in this zine. Burn bundles, burnables, smoke magic, and/or other words may be substituted instead where the burning of herbs has been part of your ancestral traditions. White folks: if this brings up defensiveness in you, please consider that this might not be the zine for your contribution.*

Format: Written pieces: prose, poetry, song, etc., as well as hand drawn or digital artwork.  Basically anything you think would fit well into a printed zine format! .doc, .jpg, or .odt forms please. Feel free to email if you have any questions about a specific contribution.

From who: Anyone who identifies as transgender, gender divergent, agender, nonbinary, genderqueer, two-spirit, gender fucked, or a gender alien.  Anyone who is not a cis persxn.

When: Deadline for submissions is July 2, 2021 at 11:59PM.

If there’s enough interest, it would be great to turn this into a series or a larger print project!

Money talk $$: This zine is a fundraiser! All contributions are all voluntary and unpaid (as is my own).  The vision for this zine project is to produce work that is accessible to folks with varying access to financial resources. Selling the zine on a sliding scale will allow folks with less access to get it for free / for very low cost, while having folks who are financially comfortable or experiencing abundance can help alleviate the costs of creating the zine and contribute to mutual aid. Any and all profits will be split between For The Gworls (@forthegworls / ) and G.L.I.T.S. (, organizations that support Black trans folks and trans sex workers respectively. The distribution of resources in this way will be shared transparently!

How to Submit: Please include a short bio with your submission (2-3 sentences) and include any relevant information about you or your identities that you want to share or would be helpful for folks to know when reading your piece.   Email submissions to