Ritual & Rites Support

With gentleness, rootedness and inexorable expansiveness, I am committed to co-facilitating healing through magic, plant medicine and ritual – because magic is real, and powerful, and if engaged with intention and integrity, can help us on our path to radically change our selves and the world.

The Shape of our Sessions

This is a collaborative process that we will come up with together, based on your needs. Healing ritual can be as elaborate or simple as a person finds meaningful.

A suggested structure includes at least three sessions. In a first Opening session, you will have space to share what is going on for you, your intentions for your own healing, and any ideas you already have that you would like support in creating. If welcome, I can share some sacred tools and technologies we could utilize in circle to support your goals. We will plan together what the ritual will entail in this collaborative session.

A second Ritual session would be the ritual circle itself. Ritual tools for healing may include casting sacred space, altar creation, grounding, plant medicine, meditation, guided trancework, prayer to deity or Spirit, journaling, divination, singing, toning, shadow work, talisman and/or charm crafting, and more. We can work with candles, incense, magical oils, flower essences, or simply feeling into the connection between our creature bodies and the earth body all around us.

As a facilitator and supporter, I can hold many possible roles – ranging from silent witness, to holding the energetic container, to helping you through specific ritual parts so that you can simply be immersed in the experience of it.

You are at complete choice throughout this entire process.

A third or final Closing session would come a week or two later to check in about how things are landing for you. This can include space for emotional processing. It can also include brainstorming next steps to support you in your healing journey, plant allies, resiliency practices, and more.

It is important that there is an opening, middle, and closing to our process together to allow full integration for any healing wisdom that may arise from within yourself. Building in closure is especially important when dealing with shadow aspects, deep trauma and/or healing wounds related to survivorship. The ‘middle’, the ritual itself, can be a single session or a series of sessions over time.

You are your own spiritual authority and you know what you need in your healing journey.

I am so grateful to be a part of this with you.

If this resonates with you, lets schedule a free 20 minute call to discuss working together. you can reach me via email at: rowan walker (at) protonmail (dot) com.

My Lineages

I am of Celtic (of Ireland and Scotland), Italian and Lithuanian ancestral heritage.

As a trans nonbinary person, I practice liminal gender blessed magic and honor my queer transcestors. Though they do not rest in peace, may they rise in power.

I am a witch of the Reclaiming Tradition, and a member of the Earthspirit community. I am currently assisting the 2020 cohort of the Way of the Weaver Priestexing training in the role of Web Tender.

I am passionate about practicing an earth-based spirituality that does not replicate the systemic oppression so pervasive in the so-called US. I do not believe in appropriating practices that are not mine to work with. As a white person born on Turtle Island, it is essential that my spirituality be grounded in radical analysis of power and privilege.

My practice is based on deep relationship with Goddexx, the Divine Creatrix of life. It is grounded in my ancestral blood lineages, plant kin connection, and in the re-creation of queer magical lineages erased by white supremacy and settler colonialism. Furthermore, my spirituality is nourished by my ethics: biocentrism, anarchism, the importance of ancestral reverence, and my commitment to doing my part to rebuild a more liberatory world every single day.

In addition to over a decade of self-study, I have learned from many potent sources: my sacred circle of beloveds; the Way of the Weaver Priestexing training with Murphy Robinson and Jamie Waggoner; teachers in my Earthspirit community over 5+ years; Reclaiming witches in the Wild Maine Witchcamp, BC Witchcamp and Cloudcatcher Witchcamp communities; Pavini Moray in pe’s powerful Trans Magick course; the experienced staff at Asheville Raven & Crone (NC) where I was lucky enough to work as a staff witch; two covens in MA; from the plants themselves through my work as an herbalist and plant person; from writers, poets and storytellers; and more.