Working the Wands

tending our creative flame


What creative project is wanting to

be born from your hands

in this season of growing light?



What might cultivating a devotional

creative practice offer you?

Join us as we nurture our creative flame

with the suit of Wands

as the warm season unfurls with unbridled abundance

what might the Wands teach us about creative practice? how might they support our creative dreams?

the Wands have so much to teach us about the devotional and passionate creativity that is our birthright as alive creatures. They have so much wisdom to share around creativity for its own sake, being with creative process and steadily moving towards fruition.

Working the Wands is a three month invitation to dive deep into the suit of Wands in the minor arcana of the tarot. This group container will support you in engaging with each Wand, learning their wisdom and bringing this insight into your creative pursuits.

Each week we will focus on a Wand card from Ace – Ten.  We will proceed slowly, spaciously, spending time with each card, and seeing what arises.  We will let the Wand’s wisdom unfurl within us as life in the springtime unfurls all around us.  Through art + writing reflection, exercises and practice invitations, we will open to the suit of Wands and all it may have to share with us.

As we are doing this, we will also be each tending to a personal creative project. As we move through each Wand’s energy, we will explore how they can support our creative process with whatever we have decided to work on.  To support this aspect of the work, we will have weekly calls where we will share our experiences, explore the Wand’s energies, offer mutual support, and work together in shared space.

Let the Wands and a community of creatives support you in deepening your own relationship with your Creativity.



Part creative incubator, part tarot class, part mutual support community –

Working the Wands invites you to open to the Wand’s magic

and support of like-minded creative community

How The Program Works

This course is a combination of self-study weekly tarot content and weekly calls over three and a half months.

The weekly recorded tarot content will be sent via email on Sundays.

There will card specific audio recordings as well as some written content shared with you each week, along with optional invitations for further learning.  There will also be practice invitations to work with the week’s themes. You will be invited to engage with each week’s card as deeply as feels aligned for you. There is no wrong way to work with Tarot or the suit of Wands.

in addition to being guided through the Wand suit, we will have alternating community calls and co-working sessions every two weeks over the course of three months.

On our community calls, we will explore the week’s themes, discuss how our creative tending is going, offer and receive support, and connect over process.

During our co-working session, we will each spend our time working on our self-directed creative projects in shared space.

Through these weekly meetings, we will support each other with group accountability, wisdom sharing and gentle support.  We will have 7 biweekly community calls and 5 biweekly coworking sessions.


Align with the season’s energy;

let Spring’s fertile momentum buoy you and guide your creative process!





This fourteen week container will run from March 2024 – June 2024.

The course begins March 2024.

All live calls for this series will take place on Mondays over Zoom at 6pm – 7:30pm ET (3pm PT).

Our community calls will be a space to share with each other how our process is going, to offer and receive support in return if desired. Closed captioning will be available. We will gather for creative coworking/body doubling sessions as well.  Neither Community calls nor coworking sessions will be recorded. However, PDFs and session prompts & practices will be sent out following the community calls.



March 28

April 11, 25

May 9, 23

June 6, 20



April 4, 18

May 16, 30

Note: no coworking Beltane week!

June 13






This offering is open for registration on a sliding scale basis to support folks living under a variety of economic conditions. The investment rates include 12 online gatherings, weekly audio recordings, practice invitations, creative support and more over the course of three and a half months.

This offering is meant to support q+t creative community, so it is priced intentionally. There are multiple price tiers and payment plans are available for all tiers.

Please feel free to use the sliding scale options below, depending on your financial needs.


PRICE TIERS: 640 / 500 / 340


    • BASE RATE $500: For folks who are meeting all of their basic financial needs, you are welcome to pay the full rate of $500. Four monthly payments of $125 are possible.
    • COMMUNITY SUPPORTER $640: For folks who are experiencing financial ease and/or abundance, who meet their basic needs with a regular paycheck and have enough for play and travel; and any folks who feel called toward generously offering more so that folks who are low income can participate as well. This helps support sliding scales and makes so much community support possible. Four monthly payments of $160 are possible at this rate.
    • SOLIDARITY RATE $340: This tier is reserved for folks who need it to be able to participate. These spots are limited, so please be intentional and leave them for folks who truly need it.  Four monthly payments of $85 are also possible.


Note: A limited number of scholarships are available for q+t low income folks. Please feel free to email me to inquire!





Registration is now closed. To hear when this container is open for a new cohort, sign up to receive my newsletter! 

The group size will be limited for intimacy, attention and connection.

There are no refunds available at this time.

To register, choose either the single payment or monthly payment plan below that is best appropriate for your economic status.

From the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice, we will devote ourself to our creative practice under the sun’s wild, expansive, abundant power




Frequently Asked Questions


Do i need to have a creative project already decided on to sign up?

No! Our first community call and our first co-working sessions will include time for brainstorming and intuitive dreaming. You are welcome to participate and simply follow the creative flow when a clear project idea comes to you. Of course, if you already have a project that you want support working on, that’s wonderful too!

Do I need to make every call?

No you do not! While it is encouraged to come to the calls to really support you in your creative commitment and in showing up for this process, the calls are not obligatory. In my experience, the more folks show up for the calls, the more they get out of these programs overall.

Do you promise specific creative results if I join?

No! This is a container for you to be supported in your personal creative work, wherever you are in your relationship with creativity.  What I can commit to is this: I will hold a strong container for creative practice, offer creative prompts and invitations to deepen in your work, hold space for mutual support and gentle coaching, and share my experiences of being supported by the Wands in my own creative practice. I will hold space for each of us to show up to our creative projects, and offer gentle encouragement and problem solving as needed; the rest is up to each of us.

What is the time commitment of this program?

Plan to spend at least an hour a week on a group call or co-working session.  The content in the online classroom consists of audio recordings between 8-15 minutes in length. There are creative invitations and reflection prompts for you to engage with if you choose; these can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how deeply you want to explore.  How much time you decide to spend with each Wand card is up to you.  90 minutes per week of combined learning and chatting time is a rough estimate if you don’t delve too deeply; 2-3 hours is also possible.


Each of us will get out of this what we put into it. The more you commit to your creative practice, the more space you make for the Wands in your life, and the more you are able to show up for creative devotion – the deeper your experience will be.

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