Tarot for the Genderblessed

Tarot for the Genderblessed

Tarot can be such a support when we are sitting with complex questions, especially around self-knowledge and opening to truth and possibility.

In this community workshop, we will explore ways of working with tarot for deeper self understanding around personal gender identity. Through personal reflection, opening to specific card energies, tarot spreads, and group discussion, we will gently open to what wisdom the tarot may have to share with us.

This container is specifically for folks who identify as non-cis gendered (trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, 2S, etc) or who are questioning their gender.

Join us in gentle, supportive community for reflection and sharing as the wheel turns!


Date: Sunday July 17, 2022 11 AM – 12:15 PM EST

This gathering will take place digitally over Zoom.

The recorded replay will be available for folks who sign up but can’t make it.

Auto closed captions will be available.

Price: $10-35 sliding scale or free for patrons!