Tarot for Change

Free Workshop

Tarot for Change

a free workshop

Aligning with the autumn season’s energy, we will collaborate with the wisdom of the tarot

to consider our relationship to change.


Join us as we gather in community and open to Change. Change is a force we will live all our lives with. Working with the tarot, we will consider how might we align ourselves with the this fact of life, this beautiful natural process, rather than approach it with fear or resistance.  In this free workshop, we will gently explore our beliefs and perspectives on change, learn about specific cards for collaboration, and explore some tarot spreads.

Together in community and in collaboration with the tarot, we will consider: what might be possible if we deepen or shift our relationship with Change?


  • This is a free workshop!
  • It will take place on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 from 6:30pm EDT – 7:45pm EDT (3:30pm – 4:45pm PDT)
  • This will take place over Zoom
  • There will be live closed captions available
  • The recorded replay will be sent out to folks who sign up but can’t make it live


Things to Bring with you to the Workshop

  • your tarot deck
  • a journal, writing implements or art journaling supplies
  • any cozy items you want, such as tea or a snack


All tarot experience levels welcome!

How Do I Sign Up?


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