Survivorship and Sovereignty program

Healing and reconnection after harm come in so many ways. So many ways, and waves, and cycles, spiraling through time.  Survivorship and Sovereignty is an offering to survivors of s*xual violence as a space to continue our healing journeys in sacred, intentional community.  A space for us to be, to breathe, to tend, to deepen into resource.

This program is intended to serve as a gentle container for healing, reconnection to self, and/or reclamation of personal sovereignty.  We will explore themes of Survivorship and Sovereignty in community together through creative expression, plantcraft, and ritual craft.

This is a space for gentleness, for slowness, for listening to our bodies and to the whispers of magic all around us. This is a space to prioritize our healing, our journeys to wholeness, and to opening to the resource and nourishment all around. This is a space to witness and honor each other as both survivors and as sovereign beings.  Every invitation will be optional and each of us will be at choice with how we choose to engage.

If you feel called to continue your journey of coming home to yourself after harm, and creative and ritual craft support your healing process, please join us. This space is for you, just as you are.

Dates:  The program will run for five weeks over early Summer 2023, meeting online weekly via Zoom.

Program Format: This container will include five live weekly gatherings held via Zoom that last 1.5 hours. In addition to our calls, each participant will be invited to engage in practices in between our sessions. PDFs of creative practices will be emailed after each session. The Zoom calls will not be recorded for intimacy. Access note: Weekly meetings will have closed captioning enabled.

Container: This will be an intentionally crafted small circle to allow for intimate connection. Additionally, this space is intended as a container for folks who identify as LGBTQIA2S+. Transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, Two-Spirit, intersex, gender divergent, agender, and anyone else who identifies as not cis-gendered will be prioritized. Queer cis-gendered folks are also welcome to participate.

Please honor the integrity and intentionality of this space.

Program Cost


This program will be offered on a sliding scale basis with various price points. Those who pay on the higher end of the scale will enable the participation of those who are no/low-income. Payment will be accepted through either Paypal and Venmo.

Investment: 450 / 300 / 200

Folks who have steady income that meets their basic minimum needs but does not stretch much further are welcome to pay $200. Folks making 50k (USD) or more without dependents, or those who meet their basic needs with their regular income, are invited to pay $300.   For folks experiencing financial ease, middle class, upper middle class and/or upper class living, you are invited to pay $450.

Note: For no/lower-income participants for whom $200 is a barrier to access, there are a limited number of scholarship spots available.  Please indicate this on your registration and we will collaborate together on a way forward.




To register, fill out the Survivorship and Sovereignty registration form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

Healing around survivorship is such an individual process that looks so different for everyone. I honor wherever you are in your process.

However, for the safety and support of participants, this program is intended for folks who have been working around their own survivorship, past trauma, and reconnecting to their power and worth as needed for some time. This is intended for people who have transitioned into a space where some feelings of embodiment and safety can be felt in their bodies, where they feel embodiment practices are actively supportive, and where they feel ready for more strategies and allies to support their continued process.

This may be a deep and potent process for you. Participants should have a therapist or other practitioner who is supporting their healing process around survivorship.  We will proceed gently and slowly, but we cannot always know what we might find activating.  Ideally participants would also have the support of community and kin (chosen or blood) for additional care in case this program unearths anything that needs deeper tending.

This program is meant to add another element to your already existing process, not serve as the only piece. This is not intended to replace professional support.

This space is not appropriate for folks who feel activated or triggered by being in community that is explicitly survivor-centric, by engaging with embodiment practices, or by general nonspecific conversation around survivorship and healing after harm.   This space is also not suitable for someone who desires community in which to verbally tell their personal stories of survivorship and/or harm.

There will not be any direct discussion of personal survivorship stories, nor of any of the specific violence that folks might have experienced.  Rather, our meetings together will be gentle gatherings of folks who identify as survivors and are seeking sacred space to continue their healing work in connection with others.  We will witness and honor each other as both survivors and as sovereign beings. However, participants will be invited to work with their personal survivorship stories outside of our calls through proposed weekly practices.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions around this.

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