Below are some resources on herbalism, queercare, health autonomy, and more –

as well as some practitioners i recommend!

This is an incomplete list, a work in process, as with all things.

Trans & Nonbinary Herbalists

Ayelet hashachar, IG: ayelet.hashachar 

Violet Moon, Witchcraft Apothecary

Brunem Warshaw,  Well Deep Remedies

Laurel Birch, Ms Tea Botanicals

Max Ruin, Anyway We Can Herbs

Ember Peters, Wild Current Herbs

Tara ní Máirín, Catalyst Community Herbals

Gina Badger, Long Spell Herbs

More Herbalists

Kelly McCarthy, Attic Apothecary

Janet Kent, Terra Sylva

Jade Alicandro, Milk & Honey Herbs


Hannah harris-sutro, body witchery 

Marika Heinrichs, Wild Body Somatics

Sirius Heart, Spider Web Somatics

Phillippe Citrine,

Prentis Hemphill

Susan Raffo

Embodiment Institute

Strozzi Institute

Generative Somatics

Zoë, Third Space Somatics

Cultural Reconnection for settlers in the diaspora

Mary Beth Bonfiglio, Italian & Sicilian folk magic & medicine

Sophie A Macklin


Doula, Breathwork, & more

Evan Cohen, Herbalist & Doula / Western NC / Big Cat Birth & Botanicals

Tessa Micaela, Herbalist, Midwife and poet / Threshold Community Midwives

Jennifer Patterson, Herbalism, Breathwork, Writing / Corpus Ritual

Disability Justice, Chronic Illness and more

Mia Mingus

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Alice Wong


Body Autonomy

Holistic Abortions

Molly Dutton Kenney

Samantha Zipporah

in gratitude

the abundance of community wisdom

There are so many more amazing resources out there – these are just some i have personal experiences with, and have learned from.






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