against state violence

building resilience in our movements

through plant kin relationships



who is here with us as we dream each day of justice and liberation?

who is here doing the work alongside us, with us, as a we work and organize and fight and love and struggle and spell weave and rest, as we resist and survive under state violence, all in service to the world to come?

Join us for a community exploration into beauty and power of collaboration with plant kin as we organize and agitate for justice. We will spend time exploring what we know about state violence, and the ways that plants and the holy wild are here with us in our efforts. The ways they offer support, and wisdom, and insight that is essential nourishment for this long term work. The ways these relationships offer deepened resilience to our communities. Plants, like many creature kin, are our allies and co-conspirators and collaborators in our work for total liberation. We will remember how deep relationship with the land and more than human kin are essential to flourishing ecosystems and community survival.

Bring your weary hearts, your hopes for the future, your questions, your experiences, your own deep relationships with plants, and anything else you are carrying in this time of great struggle. Together we will open, listen and share wisdom to nourish us for the coming weeks and months and years.

This will an experiential community dialogue that includes info sharing, reflection and optional embodied practice.

join us to share community

wisdom around the

transformative power of

relationship with

the holy wild

in our movements for justice,

healing and liberation

Who is this for?

This is especially for folks who are engaging in building relationships with plant kin, who are doing ancestral reconnection work or community organizing work as settlers on N. America, and those generally organizing against state violence and systemic oppression. This is for you if you are supported and nourished by relations with the holy wild, or want to build relationships with plant kin.

If you care about plants, liberation and justice work, this is especially for you too. All herbalism experience levels and ancestral backgrounds welcome.



This gathering will take place on Thursday, August 1, 2024. 6pm – 8pm ET, 3pm-5pm PT.

We will gather via Zoom. There will be live closed captioning.

The recording will be available to folks who register.

This will be a gentle and lovingly held container.  Folks are welcome to be on or off screen, participate or not as they feel called, and are free to utilize the unmute or chat functions to contribute.  Come as you are.


Join us in community to remember what plant kin have to teach us about community care, resilience, and resistance under state violence.


This is a fundraiser!

All profits from this class will be directed to Gaza Mutual Aid.

This offering is available via multiple sliding scale tiers of pricing. Please select that which is most appropriate to your financial circumstances, your access to resources and generational wealth, and your societal positionality.

As this is a fundraiser, you are encouraged to give as generously as you feel called to!

Sliding scale access for this fundraiser is $44 / $66 / $88 / $111


Note: All SWANA* & SWANA descent folks are welcome to access this workshop for free. Simply use the SWANA option at checkout if this is you!

*SWANA stands for South West Asia and North Africa, a less colonial languaging around the region more commonly called the Middle East.


Registration is now open.

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together lets explore the ways plants offer support as we resist state violence, and do the work of rebuilding the world in justice and liberation.

plants have so much to teach us, and there is always so much to learn. we only have to make space, open and listen.


we resist

state violence

and organize

for justice

in deep


with plant kin


Who is facilitating this offering?

For folks new to me & my work –

my name is rowan (they/them) and I’m a qt herbalist, writer, researcher, big nerd and devotee to plant kin. I deeply believe in justice, radical community care, and embodying our values even under pressure.

The threads of my work include politicized ancestral reconnection for settlers on Turtle Island/N America, queer healing, ritual and devotion with the holy, navigating chronic illness, long-c & DJ, cultural traditions and ethnobotany, and more. I’m a white-bodied 3rd gen US person who comes from Irish, Lithuanian, Scottish & Sicilian lineages. I base my work off of my lived personal experiences, relationships with the holy wild, and deep research. I love researching and learning, and then sharing what I’ve learned with community.

I have deeply personal relationships with Palestine and Palestinians (within ’48 borders, the West Bank, and Gaza). I was lucky enough to spend time there over a few years. I visited Gaza in 2012 and it changed me forever. I also have visited, studied and lived in Ireland. I grew up in the northeast of the so called US, and currently live on western Abenaki land, in the amazing wild highlands between the Green and the White Mountain ranges. I have been deeply shaped by these lands and their teachings of anti colonial resistance to state violence and empire.

The issues of military occupation, settler colonialism, and genocide – physical, cultural, etc – are powerfully important to me. I’m an anarchist radicalized by Palestinian anarchists, and believe firmly that we each have a part to play in weaving a world of justice and liberation.

thanks for being in community with me, for your support of my ongoing work, and for being a part of this broader weaving.


what might be possible for our movements for justice, against state violence, if we deepened in collaboration with plant kin and the holy wild?





My practice is slow, intentional and intimate. I’m not on social media so much; I do occasionally share things through my instagram, @hawthornandyew. However, the best way to stay in touch and hear whats new is to sign up for my newsletter HOME/BODY.

You’ll hear from me on a weekly-ish basis, and these notes will contain info on upcoming workshops and programs, new zines, things my friends are working on, and more alongside long form writing about things i’m learning about, feeling about, questioning and embodying. tune in for musings on herbs, relationship with the world, embodying our values, dreaming and moving towards a more just world, and the practices that will can help get us there.