Devotional art sessions for queer and trans folks

Join us in digital circle as we make space for gentle connection with Spirit, and allow it to flow through us into the room. Folks are welcome to come and draw, write, paint, dance, knit, bead, etc. in this sacred co-creation space. For me, creativity has been one of many pathways of connection to Spirit, and it has been so beautifully nourishing and connective.

This offering is meant to be a supportive circle to resource us during these times that are calling for us to lean in and work for a more liberated future.

All creative mediums and spiritualities welcome.

This might be for you if:

  • If you are seeking community as you deepen your Spiritual practice!
  • If you are desiring shared space to create Spiritually inspired prayers, drawings, paintings, rituals, clothing, dance pieces, etc.
  • If you are curious what might come to you, if you open to Spirit and pick up your creative tools!


These are offered one Sunday afternoon each month.

These sessions take place from 1pm – 2:15 pm EST. They will last 75 minutes and take place over Zoom.

Sessions are open to all at no cost, and are supported by my patreon community. If you feel called to support my work, become a patron here!

We will open with a brief grounding and reading, after which time we will be invited to gently open to Spirit as we understand them. We will then have time to work on our creative projects in tandem, and come back together to share our experiences at the close.

Closed captioning will be provided. Folks are welcome to be on or off screen, to share or not share, to speak audibly or type in the chat for any contributions. Folks are very welcome to come as they are.

These sessions will not be recorded.


Sunday August 14, 2022

Sunday September 25, 2022

Sunday October 30, 2022

Sunday November 20, 2022

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