Q+T Survivor Art Circle

Spring Season 2022

This offering will be running again in April + May 2022!

Description: Join us in digital circle with fellow Survivors of s*xual violence to engage with healing creativity. Healing and reconnection after harm comes in so many ways. So many ways, and waves, and cycles, spiraling through time. Engaging in creative and artistic expression is one pathway to support our healing processes, allowing us intentional space and time to begin to transmute our experiences. Doing so in supportive community, after suffering harm that can feel isolating, is another pathway for healing.

Over the course of six weeks, we will begin a creative project of choice – writing, painting, writing songs or playing music, knitting, etc., whatever you desire! – and spend time co-working on these projects each week. We will spend our time together working on these self-directed projects in the mediums of our choice while connecting through shared space. This is all about agency – you get to decide whatever type of creative practice you want to work with, and whatever element(s) (if any!) of your Survivorship process you want to weave into your creativity; we will be there alongside you in witness and solidarity, engaging in our own processes.

Our weeks together will culminate in an optional art share, where we will witness each other’s process and have space to share about our experiences of creating art rooted in and/or around Survivorship.

Registration: If you are ready to join us, please fill out this form and I will be in touch! – Q+T Survivor Art Circle Registration. Update: Registration is now closed.