SHIFT autumn series


Join us as we come together for three weeks to collaborate with Change in this autumn season.



SHIFT: practices and plant relations for navigating change in these times

what is your relationship to change? what do you feel when you consider change in your life? how does your body respond? what feelings, thoughts and beliefs do you attach to change? these past few years have been full of dramatic twists and turns for many of us – some shifts welcome, some painful and resisted. change is a force we will live all our lives with – it lives and moves all around us.

in this series, we come together to explore how we might attune ourselves to the power of change, rather than attempt to keep it at bay. how can we align ourselves with change, rather than approach it with fear or resistance? what practices and ways of relating might support us throughout the cycles of transition that will fill our lives?

over the course of three weeks together, we will sit with these questions and connect to our inner wisdom. working with personal reflection, tarot, and ritual practices, as well as collaboration with plant kin, we will open to what they might may be next for us to learn about change.   Join us in gentle, supportive community for reflection and sharing as the wheel turns!  


  • This is a special group program for Autumn 2022
  • The program includes three live sessions, 75 minutes long as well as invitations for deeper engagement in between sessions
  • We will meet September 13, 20 and 27th (three Tuesdays) from 1 – 2:15pm EST over Zoom
  • These sessions will be recorded for those who can’t make them live, and will remain available for re-watching once this container closes
  • Zoom calls will have closed captioning available

Price: $66  


Note: You will receive an email with the Zoom login information after purchase.