under siege and famine:


of the

Great Hunger





Who offers support and nourishment when state governments enact policies of violence against their people?

In this workshop, we will explore the more-than-human kin networks that kept people’s of the Celtic Isles alive under English colonialism in the 1840s. We will discuss the Great Hunger and the impacts it had on the Celtic Isles, particularly Ireland and Scotland.

We will meet some of the plantkin that offered sustenance when relied upon food sources became scarce. We will offer them gratitude and honor for the ways they supported the survival of some of our peoples.  Our bodies remember.

We will remember how deep relationship with the land and more than human kin are essential to flourishing ecosystems and community survival; how relationship is the key to joy, connection, and deeply woven community.  Together, we will consider what wisdom our ancestors (human and plant) have to share with us about how to be in relationship with the lands and peoples we reside alongside, who continue to suffer under state violence.

This class is meant to support folks in North America/diasporic communities of Celtic Isles descent in reconnecting to their cultural backgrounds.

All herbalism experience levels and ancestral backgrounds welcome.

Note: This is an introductory class on a topic that will be more deeply explored in future, more in depth programming.




This workshop will take place on Monday, Sept 4, 2023 6-7:30pm ET (3-4:30pm PT)

This is an online workshop that will take place over Zoom.

Closed captions will be provided.

This offering is a combination of info-sharing, dialogue, personal reflection, and optional embodied practice.

Folks are invited to make it live who can; this is in the intended container and will be the most potent. For folks who this is not possible, those who sign up will have access to the recorded replay for 14 days.

*Space is limited due to the intimate and heavy nature of this offering. Folks will be welcome to be on or off screen, and communicate by unmuting themselves or using the chat. Come as you are.

Cost: This workshop is available on a sliding scale basis, from $35-50. Please pay on the higher end if you are a person of means and financial stability; the lower end is reserve for folks who are low income.

A portion of the proceeds will be directed to a local group in my home region in the name of reparations.






what wisdom might ancestral famine plantkin have to share with us?


Sign up using the button below! Space is limited for intimacy and depth of connection.






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