join a community of queers seeking connection, creativity and collaborative learning!

this space is for those drawn toward herbalism, earth-based spirituality, ancestral reverence, folklore and folk practices, deepening in relationship with plants and the world around us, creative practices, ritual, tarot, reflective practices, and more – all as a spell and a song and a prayer for entwined personal and collective healing, for the dismantling of systemic oppression and for a liberated future.

this is a community committed to queer + trans healing, resilience and transformation. it is about healing and re-connection and re-membering and supporting each other.

it is about creating gentle spaces for us to be, and grow, and learn and process together in likeminded community as we work to know ourselves ever more deeply and share in the work of world-building.

won’t you join us?

Patron Offerings

Here are some of the available offerings for patrons!

In the name of horizontalism, all tiers receive access to the same patron benefits.

Tier options are monthly payments of $7.50, $13 and $22, as well as the option to select your own pledge amount.

More Information on Patron Benefits

Tarot Art Circles: Join us for tarot-themed creative coworking sessions! For an hour and fifteen minutes one weekend a month, we will come together for to engage in creativity for the pure joy of it. We will cast a tarot card for the session, share some of our experiences with the card, and then spend the next hour creating art and crafts together based on the card’s energy.

Monthly workshops: I will be facilitating at least one free workshop per moon cycle/a month for our growing community. Themes for digital workshops may include herbalism, folklore and magic from Irish, Scottish and Sicilian traditions, earth-based spirituality, tarot, writing, ritual, creativity, cultivating practices to support our wellbeing, and more!  All workshops will take place via Zoom. Examples include Calling in the Empress: A Tarot Workshop (May) and Building Relations: a plantcraft workshop (June). 

Seasonal Creative Magic circles: These are seasonal themed community creative spaces on Zoom. Together we will open to the magic and energy of the season, and then spend time on self-directed creative projects. Join us for creativity rooted in land
and cycle! These will take place around the holy days of Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox, and Samhain. Each session will last approximately 90 minutes.

Additional patron offers: All patrons get access to digital copies of my zines through a private digital zine library, as well as access to a recordings archive of ever-growing recorded classes and webinars. Patrons receive early access to group program registration, and they can also request workshop topics you are excited to learn more about! 

why patreon?

With great humbleness, open heartedness and vulnerability, I invite you to join me over in my patreon community.

I am cultivating this space and intentional monthly + seasonal offerings for two main reasons. The first is that i desire deepening connection with community; I yearn to grow with people over time through creative coworking, collaborative learning, and practices for personal + collective healing and transformation. I want to know others and be known over the course of many moons.  This has become especially more poignant during this time of covid, as we reassess what access means and how to build community when it is not safe to be in physical space together.  I so deeply desire spaces for exchange and creativity to blossom, and want to do my part in facilitating that. Having a digital home and a hub for folks to come together is a dream of mine. I hope that this patreon community can offer one small thread in this great collective community weaving.

The second reason that I created a patreon is for financial reasons – making ends meet has been incredibly difficult for many years now, and I am hopeful that a membership community could support me in my long term goals of reaching basic economic stability.  To be able to offer workshops, creative spaces and seasonal offerings from my heart in reciprocity for this patron support is an amazing thing.  To be able to deepen into my lifework of facilitating spaces for queer + trans folks focused on healing and transformation would be a dream come true.  This is work I am deeply committed to, and am grateful to be able to offer it.