Tarot for Change

This is a short offering on working with the tarot as a pathway to beginning a deep, meaningful and aligned relationship with change.

what does change mean to you?

what is your relationship to change? what do you feel when you consider change in your life? how does your body respond? what feelings, thoughts and beliefs do you attach to change?

change is a force we will live all our lives with. how can we attune ourselves to the power of change, rather than attempt to keep it at bay or stay stuck in illusions? how can we align ourselves with change, rather than approach it with fear or resistance? how might tarot support us as we sit with these questions?

this downloadable mini course is an invitation to consider your relationship to change through the support of tarot.

over the course of 40 minutes, we will consider ways to collaborate with specific tarot cards to deepen into a meaningful, attuned relationship with change. this is a lifelong process and this is simply one step on the path. we will talk about ways to gently open internal dialogue around our approaches to change. and ultimately we are invited to choose for ourselves what we want our relationship with change to be.

what’s included:

  • this offering is a single download – consisting of a downloadable 40 min video, an audio version, + a companion PDF of reflection invitations

pricing and access:

This offering is available through Podia.

Using the Podia platform, you can access a download that is yours to keep.

You are welcome to access this offering for $35. 

There are additional sliding scale options for folks for folks of marginalized communities.

To access this offering for $20, you may use the discount coupon OPENING at checkout.

To access this offering for $0, use the discount coupon DEEPENING at checkout. 

Blessings on your unfolding, evolving and deepening relationship with change.