Crafting Sacred Essences

an invitation into deeper relationship with the Sacred.

Sometimes we get so lost in getting things done that we forget to reflect on our processes. This is true even in practices of plant collaboration, herbalism and plant medicine making.

Crafting Sacred Essences is all about the how – how we engage with plants, what our process is like. It is a gentle invitation to pause and consider: do our processes reflect our beliefs and values? Are any shifts needed in order to move towards alignment and integrity?

this is a four week container of learning, reflection and invitation.

it is an invitation to

  • reorient towards the Sacred.
  • honor the aliveness in all Beings, including Plantkin.
  • reflect on your relationships – to yourself, to plantkin, to other beings, and to the land around you
  • sit with questions of consent, collaboration, and deep listening
  • add ritual intention to how you foster relationships, make medicine and practice herbalism.
  • root your process in your values.

Do you seek to center honoring the Spirits of Plantkin in your practice and in your life?


Early bird registration opens Sept 29, 2021

Course begins October 17, 2021

This will be a self-paced four module offering with four optional live Zoom calls for community connection. Content will be released each Sunday for four consecutive weeks via Podia. This is a special live round of this course with community support. This course will continue to be offered as an online self-paced evergreen moving forward.

Each module will include and be approximately 2 hours long. Each week you will be invited to reflect on and engage with your process with practice suggestions.

More information will be available soon!