Trans Herbalist Circle

This circle will convene monthly as a round-table peer support gathering. As trans and gender blessed herbalists and plant people, we seek to offer each other both practical and emotional support. These spaces are intended for folks to connect, support each other and deepen networks of care. We may discuss case studies, share tips and knowledge, and validation for the struggles that folks face as healing practitioners of diverse gender identities.

This circle will be co-facilitated by myself and Max (they/them) of any way we can herbs.

This circle is built on shared affinity for ever more accessible healing, anarchist political world views, and the importance of supportive community relationships.

These free, monthly community gatherings for trans and gender blessed herbalists will begin Autumn 2021. The first gathering will take place this October.

Note: This offering is currently on pause. If you would like to hear when it opens again, please subscribe to my newsletter using the form below!

These meetings will take place over Zoom and be lightly facilitated. There will be closed captioning available and these gatherings will not be recorded.

To join these gatherings, please email