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what is home / body?


home / body was a learning community for queer and trans folks that ran from 2021-2023

homebody is a hub for learning, info sharing, connection and building networks of care. it is a space of workshops, of writng, of experience sharing sessions, group programs and more – all centered on qt centered herbalism, healing and health autonomy. it is for group learning, personal reflection, and sacred practice. it is for explorations around embodiment, healing, change, personal transformation and collective transformation, care provision, body autonomy, gender & sexual freedom and more.

in this space we are free to come home to our bodies, however that feels right to each of us; we are free to come home to this earth body; and we meet each other, body to body, in dignity and interconnection.  it is a space for us to deepen into caring for ourselves and each other – all as a spell and a song and a prayer for entwined personal and collective healing, for the dismantling of systemic oppression and for a liberated future.

this is a community committed to queer + trans healing, resilience and transformation. it is about healing and re-connection and re-membering and supporting each other.  it is about creating gentle spaces for us to be, and grow, and learn and process together in likeminded community as we work to know ourselves ever more deeply and share in the work of world-building.

in this space, we strive to live the phrase, we keep us safe.

participation is open to any folks who id as queer and/or trans, nonbinary, 2S or otherwise gender divergent.


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what does home / body include?


home / body includes monthly trans herbalism gatherings, seasonal workshops, group programs, creative coworking sessions, access to digital Zines, a Recordings archive of workshops, and more!

home / body supports the trans herbalism podcast that is emerging this summer.

community members receive monthly newsletter that lay out all the upcoming ways to connect and learn.

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workshops and community gatherings


home / body offers workshops and facilitated spaces for connection, info sharing, peer support, and network building.

info + skill sharing workshops are offered seasonally! trans herbalism circles are offered monthly! Queer Devotional sessions (creative coworking) happen monthly! and much much more.



seasonal group programs


Community members are invited to participate in gentle group programs that run seasonally, approximately 4 times per year. These will be a chance for us to gather on live Zoom calls for a number of weeks in a row, learning and sharing info on specific content. we can deepen our connections, share resources, and continue to build our toolkits to support our own and others’ resiliency, healing and joy.

*note: the topics of these gatherings will shift as we learn and grow together.


Late Autumn Offering

a four week guided program exploring ritual, plantcraft and creative practices to collaborate with wise Grief

Winter Season Offering

a four session exploration into pathways to rest for sick, disabled and neurodiverse folks

Spring Season Offering

a four week exploration and creative project invitation into ancestral herbalism & healing traditions

Early Autumn Offering

a four week invitation to connect with practices and plantkin to support rooted aliveness

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Zine Library


Community members also get access to the zine library, with its ever growing archive of digital zines.

They are available for download as PDFs. More are added throughout the season each year!

Recordings Library


Community members also get access to the Recordings library, with its ever growing archive of webinars and workshops.

They are available to watch online. More are added throughout the season each year!

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