Gender Education for Practitioners

Transgender and gender variant folks deserve competent, affirming and inclusive care while accessing health and healing support. through rowan walker wellcare, rowan offers gender education workshops for herbalists, doula agencies, schools and nonprofits to help practitioners build their capacity for supporting trans & gender variant clients.

Workshops can range in length, duration, and depth. Introductory workshops are available as well as deep dives for those seeking more advanced competencies. Sessions focus on topics including biological sex, gender, language, and pronouns. They include hearing from trans and gender variant people on their experiences accessing (in)adequate care. Later sessions focus on putting these lessons into practice – what does affirming support look like? We will discuss client support, client advocacy, resource compilation, and building inclusion into the foundations of your practices – intakes, websites, networking and more. Participants will have space to reflect on their own practices, see where their growing edges are, and make concrete plans of action to move toward greater inclusivity.

rowan has facilitated these learning spaces in collaboration with organizations such as Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine, Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, Doulas of Asheville doula agency, and more!

For more information on this offering, please see rowan walker wellcare.