Divination Ritual Craft Circle

Divination Ritual Craft:

Opening to the Wisdom Within

through Personal Divination Cards

Program Details

This is an invitation to join us in circle as we craft our own personal divination cards to support our healing and transformation.

Over the course of five weeks together, we will create our own Shadow + Sovereign divination decks with sacred intention and community support. Part reflective practice, part creative practice, and part ritual practice, this is for those who are ready to face what lies within with gentle compassion and artistic expression. We will engage in self-reflection on aspects of ourselves – both Shadow and Sovereign – and honor them by crafting divination cards from these parts of self. These cards are based on the tradition of oracle cards, tarot, and the divination practice of cartomancy.

We will create a deck that represents the many pieces of ourselves, so that we might deepen into self-knowledge, unlearn shame, continue to dismantle internalized oppression, unpack our trauma, honor our gifts, and continue our lifelong processes of healing and transformation. Through journaling, guided visualizations, and crafting time together during our calls, we will create a tool to support our personal healing so that we might continue to work towards collective healing, ever more resourced and self-aware.

Registration: Registration is now closed. If you are interested in jumping on the cohort that begins next week, use this form: Divination Craft Circle Registration form.