Community Classes and Group Programs

Learn together in queer + trans centered community

Gather & Learn this Season

recorded webinar from Feb 2024

info share & community exploration fundraiser for Gaza

Friday March 22, 2024, 5pm ET

Online info share & community exploration

May-June 2024, 5 sessions

a month long invitation to build relationship with ancestral plantkin who are deeply interwoven into Celtic legacies of survival and resilience under state violence

May 15, 2024 6:30pm ET

Online info share and community exploration


The Year Ahead: Seasonal Community Programs

Winter Solstice – Samhain

a year long community devoted to gathering and learning ancestral rhythms & kin


a five week exploration into personal pathways to rest for neurodivergent & mad folks


Building relationship with plant kin deeply interwoven into Celtic legacies of survival and resilience under state violence

Autumn Equinox Season

a four week invitation into deeper groundedness with plants & ritual

Samhain – Beltaine

a six month invitation to connect with ancestral plant kin of the Celtic Isles


Samhain Season

a six week deep dive into plant kin & practices to support grief tending

Recorded Classes Available Year-round

a webinar exploring how the tarot can support our work with personal change & transformation

a webinar to support bodily autonomy & weaving networks of community care

a four week recorded program & invitation into deeper groundedness

more learning together: DIY Skillshares

Past Community Programs


a 6 week exploration into creative expression, plantcraft & ritual for healing and transmutation


a three month program inviting you to collaborate with the Swords as you shapeshift and transform

Spring Equinox – Summer Solstice

a three month invitation into the magic of the Wands and devotional creative practice


free monthly sessions for creative practice in connection with the Sacred


a 6 week program for Survivors to engage in self-directed creative practice in a gentle affinity space

Previous Community Classes