build a care kit:


support for moving through


miscarriage and abortion



In this webinar, we explore Miscarriage and Abortion Care Kits, a project that melds the practical and the creative in support of bodily care, health and autonomy. Care kits are beautifully supportive for folks experiencing the very common human experiences of miscarriage and abortion. In this info share, we will explore what might go in such a kit, what each of us might want in our personal kits, and how we might bring our powerful creative selves to the process.

Topics covered include physical & emotional support ideas, practical and creative approaches, herbs and reflections, easily accessible items to collect and make, ways of doing this alone and with others, and ideas for plugging into local reproductive justice + generative health movements.

Make a kit for yourself, your loved ones, your local community and/or plug into larger regional mutual aid projects!

note: this is a pro-abortion space. if this does not align with your personal values, then this is not the workshop for you.




Length: This webinar is one hour in length

Format: The webinar is available in both audio and a video recordings, so you can choose what best supports your engagement.

Platform: This webinar is available on Podia. Once you purchase the webinar, you will be invited to create a free Podia account and will use the Podia platform to watch the recording.

Price: $35

If the cost of this webinar is inaccessible to you, please email me at for a coupon code!

lets each find our place in the intersectional movement for body autonomy and radical community care.

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