building with the Emperor


a tarot workshop exploring devotional discipline

as we sit in deep reflection this winter season, many of us are dreaming of our lives to come.  what will the seasons ahead hold? what dreams do we long to move toward? what shape do we want our life to take? and what might be needed from us, in order to make these shifts and undergo these transformations?

the Emperor holds so much wisdom and beauty to share with us around the devotion and discipline required of us to move toward our longings.

In this community workshop, we will open to the wisdom of the Emperor card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot through experiential and reflective practices. feeling into what devotion and discipline might mean to each of us is a complex and sensitive exploration. many of us carry baggage (and rightly so) around these themes thanks to the toxic dominant culture we were raised in.

despite these complexities, the Emperor can offer us support in putting into place the systems and practices we need – to move towards our deepest hearts desires, our dreams, our creative projects, our vocations. through guided visualization, journaling, and conversation, we will consider what the Emperor card might have to offer us personally and collectively in these times.

Join us in gentle, supportive community for reflection and sharing as the wheel turns!

note: all experience levels welcome! this will be an experiential workshop.



Date: Thurs, Feb 9, 2023

Time: 2pm – 3:15pm EST / 11am – 12:15pm PST

This gathering will take place digitally over Zoom.

Replay will be available for folks who sign up.

Auto closed captions will be available.

Price: $10-35 sliding scale or free for patrons!

the Emperor asks us: what might be possible, if you built your dreams a home and tended to them faithfully?


Cost and Financial Access

This workshop is offered for $35.

Financial access: If you are a person of low or no income, and $35 is a barrier to access, you can use one of the two coupon codes below to sign up at a lower price point!

Use the code 15OFF at checkout to get $15 off your total.

Use the code 25OFF at checkout to get $25 off your total.


this winter, may you create the structures and gather the supports you need to grow a garden of lush and beautiful dreams.



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