about rowan

Through community support and access to healing modalities, I survived many things I thought I’d never make it through. Ritual, plant medicine and transition support continues to hold me as I navigate the wild waters of life. Having committed to my own lifelong healing, moving ever towards deeper resiliency and embodied aliveness, I am committed to holding space for others in witness and solidarity as they undertake their own healing processes.



hi! I’m rowan!

I am an educator, herbalist, Priestexx, witch, facilitator, doula, reproductive health consultant and wearer of many hats.  I’m also an LGBTQIA2S+ educator through rowan walker wellcare. I am a bookworm, lover of song, and shy Pisces heart in a Virgo shell.  I’m an agender trans person of Irish, Lithuanian, Scottish, and Sicilian trancestry, who benefits from the settler colonial and white supremacist nature of the United States.  My pronouns are they/them/theirs.

I’m the creatrix behind of hawthorn and yew. this is a sacred cauldron of ritual, learning, plant connection, embodiment and invitation into deeper aliveness. my work centers trans, nonbinary, and queer community, and reflects a lifeway committed to values of anarchism, biocentrism, anti-oppression, anti-white supremacy, DIY ethos and total liberation.

I’m committed to facilitating ritual spaces for healing connection and collaborative learning.

I’m committed to providing compassionate & nonjudgmental care to other trans and gender blessed folks through magic, ritual and plant medicine. 

Through these pathways, I seek to spiral ever closer to wholly embodied aliveness, and to help others do the same, in service to movements for justice and healing.


If you are seeking support in your healing journey,

I would be honored to collaborate with you.


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training, lineages, and contributions

herbalism, doula, + more

i completed my Community Herbalist training in the vitalist tradition of so called “western herbalism” at the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism in 2016. Like the bookworm I am, I continued my education through self study ever since. Additionally, i’m currently enrolled in the 3-year Clinical Herbalism program at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism.

i trained as a birth & postpartum doula in 2016. in 2017, i trained as an abortion doula, as well as pregnancy loss and bereavement doula.

To bolster my capacity to support clients, i’ve also studied somatics, trauma aware care provision, cycle education, acupressure, facilitation, breath work, and tools for supporting people through grief, crisis and bereavement.

magical lineages + ritual training

I am an eclectic witch with a love of lore and ritual. My practice is based on deep relationship with Spirit, the Divine Creatrix of life. It is grounded in my ancestral blood lineages, deep relationships with plant kin, and in the re-membering of queer magical lineages erased by white supremacy and settler colonialism. Furthermore, my spirituality is nourished by my ethics: biocentrism, anarchism, the importance of ancestral reverence, and my commitment to doing my part to rebuild a more liberatory world every single day. I am a witch of the Reclaiming Tradition, a member of the Earthspirit community, and a Weaver.

As a trans agender person, I practice liminal gender blessed magic and honor my queer transcestors. Though they do not rest in peace, May They Rise in Power.

In addition to over a decade of self-study, I have learned from many potent sources: my sacred circle of beloveds; my transcestors and ancestors; the Way of the Weaver Priestxing training with Murphy Robinson and Jamie Waggoner; teachers in the Earthspirit community over 6+ years; Reclaiming witches in the Wild Maine Witchcamp, BC Witchcamp and Cloudcatcher Witchcamp communities; Pavini Moray through pe’s powerful Trans Magick & Ignite courses from whom I learned the language ‘gender blessed’; Alexis Cunningfolk through their Tarot Apothecary course and other teachings; the staff at Asheville Raven & Crone where I was lucky enough to work as a staff witch; trainings through the Institute for Birth, Breath and Death; the covens of my youth; from the plants and earth and sky themselves; from writers, poets and storytellers; and from Spirit.

community contributions

I am currently assisting the 2020-2021 cohort of the Way of the Weaver Priestxing training in which we explore the practices of Death Priestxing, Divination, and Spellwork. Other contributions include teaching at the Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine (NC), Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine (NC), the Maine Herbalism conference, the Mystic South Conference (GA), and more.