Through community support and access to healing modalities, I have survived many things I thought I’d never make it through. Ritual, plant medicine and transition support has and continues to hold me as I navigate the wild waters of life. And having committed to my own lifelong healing journey, moving ever towards deeper resiliency and rooted growth, I am committed to holding space for others in witness and solidarity as they undertake their own healing processes.


about rowan

hi! I’m rowan!

I am an educator, herbalist, Priestexx, witch, writer, facilitator, full spectrum doula and reproductive health consultant. I’m a nonbinary trans person of Irish, Italian, Lithuanian and Scottish trancestry, who benefits from the settler colonial and white supremacist nature of the United States.  My pronouns are they/them/theirs.

I’m the creatrix behind of hawthorn and yew. this is a sacred cauldron of ritual, facilitation, education, 1:1 support, writing, plant medicine, relationship-building, embodiment, and creation.  my work centers trans, nonbinary, and queer community, and reflects a lifelong commitment to values of anarchism, biocentrism, anti-oppression, trans liberation, anti-white supremacy, DIY ethos, non hierarchy, and collective liberation.

I’m committed to facilitating ritual spaces for healing connection and collaborative learning.

I’m committed to providing compassionate & nonjudgmental care to other trans and gender blessed folks through magic, ritual and plant medicine. 

I love to learn, and I feel most aligned when sharing what I’ve learned with anyone who wants to know, because:

I believe that we all deserve access to healing.

I see wresting back control over our health and healing from the state and medical industrial complex as revolutionary.

I believe that a liberatory connection with nature, with our bodies, is essential to our fundamental well-being.

If you are seeking support in your healing journey, I would be honored to collaborate with you.

If this resonates with you, lets schedule a free 20 minute call to discuss working together. you can reach me via email at: rowan walker (at) protonmail (dot) com. inquiries about sliding scale fees, free services to those with significant barriers, and trades welcome.

a note on social media: i occasionally use instagram to share upcoming workshops (@hawthornandyew) but don’t really use it regularly. if you would like to communicate, email really is the best option!