Through community support and access to healing modalities, I have survived many things I thought I’d never make it through. Ritual, plant medicine and transition support has and continues to hold me as I navigate the wild waters of life. And having committed to my own lifelong healing journey, moving ever towards deeper resiliency and rooted growth, I am committed to holding space for others in witness and solidarity as they undertake their own healing processes.


about rowan

hi! I’m rowan!

I am an educator, herbalist, witch, writer, facilitator, and wearer of many hats. I’m an agender trans person of Irish, Italian, Lithuanian and Scottish trancestry, who benefits from the settler colonial and white supremacist nature of the US.  My pronouns are they/them/theirs.

I’m the creatrix behind of hawthorn and yew. this is a sacred cauldron of ritual, facilitation, education, plant medicine, relationship-building, and embodiment.  my work centers trans, nonbinary, and queer community, and reflects a lifeway committed to values of anarchism, biocentrism, anti-oppression, anti-white supremacy, DIY ethos and collective liberation.

I’m committed to facilitating ritual spaces for healing connection and collaborative learning.

I’m committed to providing compassionate & nonjudgmental care to other trans and gender blessed folks through magic, ritual and plant medicine. 


If you are seeking support in your healing journey,

I would be honored to collaborate with you.


a note on social media: i occasionally use instagram to share upcoming workshops (@hawthornandyew) but don’t really use it regularly. if you would like to communicate, email really is the best option!